dress code: Mother ducker!

Fatherduck_SS14_Ecommerce-13 Fatherduck_SS14_Ecommerce-17 Fatherduck_SS14_Ecommerce-35 Fatherduck_SS14_Ecommerce-46

FATHERDUCK is a London-based luxury streetwear brand that brings this forward, edgy style using an array of colors, graphics and prints. It is a culture defying brand that has a following of fashion forward, style-setters. The style is bold, loud and has a sense of freedom that everyone should proudly wear!

MENTORS NOTE: No matter what your style is, every guy should have a few “look at me” shirts. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean ugly or old. No one wants to look at that! We mean bright, different and artistic. Wear a FATHERDUCK shirt with your favorite shorts for a casual patio dinner or add some skinny chinos and a fitted blazer for a night out. Keep the rest of the look simple and let the shirt have the spotlight. If you are a bit more mellow, check out their FD sweatshirt (shown above). Its casual, sleek and has way more swag than your old Hanes sweatshirt!

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