dress code: Bluer Denim

BLUER DENIM Bluer Denim 1 Bluer Denim 2 Bluer Denim 3

Six months after their successful campaign on Kickstarter, Bluer Denim launches their free Home Try-On service, the first of its kind in the denim industry. The Portland, Oregon-based denim brand, who was one of our favorite picks this spring (click here and here to check them out), developed a program that enables the Bluer customer to choose up to three pairs of jeans in any color, style or wash that they can try on in the comfort of their home. The package is mailed to you (free shipping!), you then have 7 days to try on the product (feel free to get a second opinion from a spouse, partner, friend or roommate. selfies are highly encouraged), keep what you want (don’t get too excited, they have your credit card info on file) and return what you don’t want (free return shipping!). It’s easy, convenient and perfect for most guys that hate to shop! Just in case you are not fully convinced, Bluer Denim is 100% sourced and made in the United States using environmentally conscious production practices. They also have a Buy One, Give One philanthropic initiative where they encourage consumers to donate a pair of their used jeans for credit towards their next purchase.

MENTORS NOTE: If you are one of those guys that avoid the mall like the plaque and hate fitting rooms, then this is exactly what you need! The program is quite simple and makes shopping for jeans fuss-free. Plus, Bluer has some pretty cool graphic tees and a killer denim button up shirt that you NEED to have! So visit their site, sign up and patiently wait for your package to arrive. You get to avoid the crowds, the parking fiasco, the lines at check out and that tragic smell of the food court. What more do you want? (Don’t answer that!)

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