dress code: Love at first site

vl.neil IMG_5627 IMG_6395 IMG_5851

Vincent Love launched their website last week showcasing their SS 14 capsule collection. The Dallas-based menswear brand debuts a mini-collection of men’s button down shirts available only online. The collection is full of classic staples that are versatile for every season (our favorite is the blue chambray shown above) as well as limited print shirts that are sold in extremely limited quantities. They are currently working on their AW 14 collection that is slated to launch September 2014.

MENTORS NOTE: As guys, we often want something cool, but that doesn’t come with a lot of frills. Vincent Love is the perfect brand. Why? Let us tell you: 1) It is a brand new menswear company based in Dallas. “New” means that their product isn’t worn by millions which makes it cool. 2) They produce all of their products in small size runs. Again… that means that their product isn’t being worn by millions. That makes it even cooler. 3) All of their products are made in the USA (New York City). 4) The fabrics and cuts that they chose are hip, yet classic. Floral prints may not be for everyone. We get that, but a dark gingham print, a blue chambray or a light gray fabric is versatile and can be worn year round. Thats what they do best. Their product isn’t as season specific as most brands. This allows you to get the maximum wear out of each piece. Check out their site and invest in your favorite shirt. (The cut of the shirts is slim so you may want to order a size up)

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