dress code: Tommy Hilfiger


Tommy Hilfiger, known for his American, classic staples, is giving us a bit more by giving us a bit less this summer. We all wear underwear (well, most of us do, but all of us should) so why not make sure they’re comfortable, have incredible fit and are fashionable. The new line of boxer briefs (available here) are a perfect compliment to the extensive line of Tommy Hilfiger men’s clothing, shoes and accessories that are also available as part of their SS 14 collection. (Check out our previous post on Tommy Hilfiger, here)

MENTORS NOTE: Alright guys, it’s summer time! These models are clearly ready. The question is, are you? Your underwear should do two things: 1) Protect your junk from the roughness of your denim, your shorts or, dare I say, your denim shorts! Yikes! 2) It should be what people see if you happen to bend over while your pants sit lower than your waist. Consider them the #1 prevention against plumbers crack. Let people see a well fitting, brightly colored pair of Tommy Hilfiger’s boxer briefs and not the unfortunate alternative. Grab yourself a few pairs and enjoy!

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