dress code: Made in LA

Indigo-Stripe-Slim-Wallet Nesting-Trays Eyeglass-Case_Yellow

Made Solid is an LA-based company founded and owned by Max. I don’t know Max’s last name, but I do know that his product is on point! Water, trees, sand and Western inspiration are a few of his original influences. The design and construction of the pieces are unique and never cookie cutter. Max constantly experiments with colors and techniques and works with local artisans for creative inspiration. The leatherwork skills that Max learned at a young age have definitely matured with age and carry through into all of his work.

MENTORS NOTE: Leather is one of the most strongest, versatile, sophisticated and character-filled materials available. A quality made piece made of quality leather (if done right) can not only bring a sense of chic style to the piece, but it can also allow you to have that piece for a very long time. The stacking valet trays above are one of our favorites! Every guy should have a valet. “What goes in this said valet”, you may ask? Let me tell you. Your keys, your wallet, any loose change (keep it to a few coins, max), your Chapstick (you are not too cool for Chapstick. Your chapped, peeling lips agree) and your sunglasses that you keep in your house. Keep the valet somewhere handy (by the door or in the bedroom) and keep only the essentials in this valet. When you rush out on your date, to an event or just a night out, grab everything in the valet and keep it moving. That’s the point. It keeps you organized and clutter free.

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