dress code: grand society

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Grand Society was founded by San Clemente native, Chris Haveruk, with the vision of creating uniquely hand-crafted, custom-made jewelry. The Cali-based designer draws inspirations from his daily experiences and from his extensive personal travel. Haveruk uses the finest metals and truly focuses on quality over quantity. All of the pieces are hand-made in Southern California and are put through a vigorous inspection process before they are shipped out to the consumer.

MENTORS NOTE: We like jewelry… in moderation. A nice statement ring, bracelets with a bit of meaning or a basic necklace is just the right amount of jewelry for the average guy. We have said it before and we’ll say it again. You are NOT Johnny Depp! So there is no reason to wear 134 bracelets and multiple rings. It looks like you are trying way too hard. Keep it clean and simple. One ring (total) and if you are married then you already have a ring so you don’t need a second one. If you aren’t married, then check out Grand Society’s website and invest in one of the rings shown above. Our favorite: the 14k gold skull ring.


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