dress code: Outland


Outland Mfg. Co was founded by two college business students who set out to make a difference. Fueled by a passion of product design, the innovative team set out to produce a product that everyone needs: a durable and dependable backpack. The fact that it also is aesthetically pleasing is an added plus! Why Outland? Because they produce a quality product made of a water resistant canvas, complete with hand-stitched leather detail. More importantly, because of their cause. For every Outland backpack that is sold, the cost of producing another backpack is donated towards the education of a child in Haiti. The funds received from selling one backpack are enough to provide for the supplies, food, and protection needed to send a child to school for a week.

MENTORS NOTE: We all use a backpack for one thing or another. Whether you are a traveler, a student or just need to carry things around, a backpack comes in extremely handy and makes it easier to commute with things. So visit the Outland site, learn more about their cause and buy a backpack. Simply put, its as good of a reason as you’ll ever have.

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