dress code: tms summer picks – Ambig & Gents Co.

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TMS SUMMER PICKS: Ambig . Gents Co.

MENTORS NOTE: Some essentials for the summer time are a great fitting t-shirt and a cool baseball cap. We don’t mean one of those trucker caps! That was so circa Punk’d! Just a cool, non-sports team baseball cap that you can wear on bad hair day, on the plane when you travel or just when you are casually out. Gents Co. has some awesome options for you like the burgundy cap shown above. It’s a nice neutral color and one that can stay relatively clean. For t-shirts, check out Ambig. The Cali-based brand has some pretty sweet graphic tees that are cool enough to wear without feeling like you shopped at Hollister. (no offense to Hollister… ish). Grab a few tees, grab your Gents Co. cap, grab some shorts and you are beach ready.

model: Sam – Amores Management | stylist: Luis Carmona | photo by: Logan James

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