Small Business Saturday 2016 officially starts in about an hour. And just in the knick of time, I am posting my Top “small biz” Shops for this year! I try and visit local owned shops whenever I travel so I have chosen a few of my favorites from this past year. If you live in the area or visit these cities soon, be sure to stop by and check them out!


When it comes to having great aesthetics, most people think of their style and perhaps their living space. But what about the kitchen? I know it has to be functional, but can’t we make it look cool too? The answer is yes! SET & CO is an artisanal kitchen and home store that is perfectly stocked with a curated, clean (and, yes) functional selection of items for your kitchen, pantry and bathroom. The brass kitchen utensils and the careful selection of grooming products were two of my favorite items! I mean, I ended up buying a charcoal toothbrush! An added bonus… their unique selection of magazines and books. No, not like you would find at your local Barnes and Noble! Much cooler. 🙂    SETANDCO.COM

tms-small-biz-sat-2016-ianEverywhere that I travel, I am always looking for a cool, local men’s shop to pop into. I have nothing against the GAP. Trust me, I have a special (and glorious) bond with GAP. But I always like to check out a store that has more of a variety, and often, a local selection of men’s items. IAN is located in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle and offers just that. This multi brand shop for men (and women) carries local and international designers and is known for their premium denim selection. The store is spacious, which is a plus, and the customer service is spot on! What more do you need?! Coffee, you say? Don’t worry, the original Starbucks is only a few blocks away.     IANSHOP.COM

tms-small-biz-sat-2016-askov If you are ever in Minneapolis, you HAVE to stop by this men’s store! It’s one of my favorite shops in the country. Whoa! That was a bold statement! Let me explain what makes this store so cool. A) It’s in a prime location. Across the street is this killer brunch place called Spoon and Stable. Aside from the great food, the presentation the dishes makes me feel good inside. Even the butter gets the royal serve! A few storefronts down the street, there’s a kitchen/home shop that’s intimately stocked with kitchen ceramics, paper goods, soaps and #2 pencils. Yeah, remember those?! Okay, back to Askov Finlayson, B) This store offers a killer selection of men’s clothing, accessories, grooming essentials and shoes. C) Right when you thought you were done shopping, you get to the back of the store and notice the Warby Parker shop nestled next to the shoe wall. What?! It is a one-stop shop for all your essentials, and then some much wanted (yet, well deserved) non-essentials!      ASKOVFINLAYSON.COM


Okay so Small Business Saturday is an American holiday, but let’s give our friendly neighbors to our north a break! I believe their Small Business Saturday is celebrated in October, but who cares! This store based in Quebec City is worth the bending of the rules! Aside from the clean aesthetics and merchandising of the store, the variety of grooming products that they offer is top notch. There are shaving and hair products, soaps, shaving brushes and those charcoal toothbrushes that I seem to love so much. Yes, I walked out with another one during this trip too. Need a shave? Lucky for you, they offer that service!      RITUELS.CA


The men’s shopping options in Dallas have been a bit rough for a while. Aside from major departments stores and popular chains, we are left with about… 2.5 men’s stores (all usually carrying the same brands). DLM Supply is an exception! It opened up a few months ago and carries a hefty stock of men’s clothing,grooming products, leather goods and watches. They also are one of the few stores to carry Postalco. It’s one of my personal favorites, offering some pretty nifty notebooks (You can use them with those #2 pencils that I previously mentioned). Swing by and check out their new digs. While you are in the neighborhood, swing by Encanto Pops a few doos down. Best frozen popsicles (as opposed to the non-frozen popsicles… lol) in Dallas! The lime and the mango ones are my two favorite. I’ve had both… in the same sitting. (This is a judgement free zone)        DLMSUPPLYCO.COM

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