Y0ur home is an extension of you. It should be put together, clean and meaningful. Here are some of my top picks for the holidays that’ll get you a step closer to getting your home in order, assuming it’s currently not. Whether it’s a scent, how your guests listen or taste or where they sit, every detail counts. The Schoolhouse Electric cafeteria trays (5.) are perfect to use as individual serving trays or as a valet. What is a valet, you ask? I’ll leave that for another post. And when you listen to some tunes (who says “tunes”?), why have all of the wires? Keep it wireless, loud and clear with the Vifa speaker (2.). The pop of color doesn’t hurt either. And I don’t need to get into the Commodity candle again (1.). Get one. Then get some more.

1. Commodity Book candle  6.5 oz  $55     | 2. Vifa Oslo speaker  $499 EUR     | 3. Sempli Monti shot glasses (set of four)  $60     | 4. Misewell Poet bar stool  $499     | 5. Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. 1-compartment cafeteria tray  $24

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