Visiting Iceland has been high on my bucket list. And, now, Iceland is crossed off that list. It was so worth the wait! We took a direct flight from Dallas into Reykjavik and then made a beeline for the rental car because it was cold AF and I was wearing shorts. I know, I know. I am that guy. I just hate being uncomfortable on the plane and I tend to be hot natured so wearing shorts en route to Iceland seemed like a great idea. Words cannot begin to describe how stunning the views were so I won’t even attempt to verbally detail each photo. I’ll let the photos do the talking. (enter idiom here).
I can honestly say that we lived our fullest on this trip! We ate great food (including Domino’s pizza. It tastes way better in Reykjavik. Sorry, ‘Merica), we saw breathtaking sights, drove down the countryside and made friends with the locals. I couldn’t ask for any better memories! The abundance of light at 2 am (see photo above) and the lack of black out shades can mess up your sleeping cycle, but I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I am back in Texas. Until next time, Iceland.


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