The first time I dined at a Lisa Vanderpump restaurant was about 9 years ago. I was spending the weekend in Los Angeles and decided to meet a friend of mine for a casual bite at SUR, the West Hollywood hotspot. That friend happened to be the publisher of a popular magazine in the city and her husband happened to be a well-known photographer. Let’s fast forward to the post-dinner conversation. We are sitting there chatting about their next issue and about how their recent cover shoot went. Then my friend says, “Dita! Hi! Over here!” I look up and towards my left and here comes Dita Von Teese. If you don’t know who she is, Google her. Just know that her alabaster skin is absolutely flawless and she was dressed to the nines, with every strand of hair in place. I promise I wasn’t creepishly staring. I just happen to be quite observant. 🙂 She sits down at our table and we end up chatting for about an hour over coffee and dessert. The pleasantries were genuine and the casualness of the entire situation makes it even more memorable.

Years later (earlier this year), I stopped by PUMP (another Lisa Vanderpump restaurant) to check out what the buzz was about. The decor delivered, as expected, from the large, antique doors at the entrance to the nineteenth century Parisian bridge that set the frame for the bar. The 100 year old olive trees and the antique lanterns create a fantasy canopy over candle lit dinner tables. I opted to sit indoors where the service and plated presentation of the meal continued to impress. Parking can be tricky in the West Hollywood area so we took an Uber to dinner (highly recommended versus driving). Need after dinner plans? You are steps away from a plethora of bars, lounges and clubs.


Heirloom Tomatoes with Creamy Burrata and Rigatoni Bolognese

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