Los Angeles is one of those cities where I have a love/hate relationship. Definitely way more love, but there’s a splash of “strongly dislike”. I love the diversity of the city. I love the combination of city and beach. The food is great! I have a great group of friends that live in/around the area. And I have gotten to do some pretty cool things while visiting Los Angeles. Like when I had cocktails with Jennifer Love Hewitt and her mom at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Or when I hung out with the cast of Will & Grace. Well, I’ll leave those stories for another post. (I promise you that I am NOT that cool, AT ALL. I just happen to have cool friends! 🙂 ) However, this traffic is ONE. OF. A. KIND. It truly is special, in the worst type of way. That is about the only dislike I have towards Los Angeles. So setting aside the bumper to bumper traffic at 2 pm on a Sunday, for no apparent reason, I thoroughly enjoyed my recent visit to LA. I took a trip with my family to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We saw the city. We visited Disneyland. We ate A LOT of food and we made some nice memories along the way. 

Next time you are in LA, stop for cocktails at the Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills. You’ll get to roam the same lobby as the likes of Marilyn Monroe. Plus, their pool has a calm, mid-century, retro vibe. Ready for dinner? Pop into PUMP for an intimate bite or stop by the W Hollywood hotel for a casual nosh at Delphine Eatery and Bar. Want to keep the night going? Swing by Troubadour in West Hollywood. I stopped by to watch my friend Beck Pete perform (photo above). A killer performance that I was lucky to witness! I told you I had cool friends. 🙂 (Look her up on Spotify or iTunes)

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