London Bridge is…

I have a story for you. This one time I got to visit London. And this one time I got to see about 1% of London because I decided to pick up a new client 3 days before Christmas. This client had really tight deadlines, but did that deter me? NOPE. So I spent my three days in London working in bed, on my laptop, in the dark. I left the hotel room to eat breakfast, to eat dinner and to pick up Chinese food at 4 am. I sense a pattern. I worked about 45 hours in those three days and then another 35 hours in subsequent days, once I returned to the States. “What is the point of this story?”, you may be asking. I really don’t know, but you are welcome 🙂 The following photos are a pictorial depiction of the only 4 hours that I was outside of my hotel room.

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