The Art of The Mix

I was recently invited by Cointreau, the original crystal-clear orange liqueur, to an interactive cocktail class celebrating The Art of the Mix. These are the types of events that I love! This was a curated cocktail-making session lead by their master mixologist where we would learn how to shake up cocktails for any upcoming holiday gathering. The session also included cocktail recipes from Remy Cointreau’s crafted spirits, The Botanist Gin and Mount Gay Rum. So truth be told, I had never made a cocktail in my life (until the day of the event). FACT. Another fact… I have never had an alcoholic beverage in my life. I know, I know. Everyone relax! I promise you that I am still fun, even sober! With all this said, I was approaching this event from a different angle. Could someone be a good bartender and make some delicious, tasty cocktails without ever having an alcoholic beverage? I think the answer is YES! All of my drinks looked crisp. Hey, presentation is key! And from the feedback that I received from my fellow event guests, I would say that they tasted pretty damn good too! It was interesting to present the final cocktail without actually tasting it, but thanks to Cointreau’s recipes, I was able to blindly execute the perfect holiday cocktail.

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