2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Home

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and family gatherings. This probably means a bit more time with the in-laws, that creepy neighbor and that one cousin who just doesn’t fit in. Lucky you! In case your home isn’t ready for all of these unwanted visitors, I am here to help! You don’t need to necessarily re-design your entire place. Introducing a few cool, functional items into your home can make a huge difference! So whether you are hosting and needing to spruce things up or perhaps you are looking for a housewarming gift, I’ve got you covered!

Most people think coffee table books are a bit… let’s call it snobby. I get it. They sit on a coffee table, collect dust and then you gasp if someone actually touches them. Yup, that is me! Guilty. But these books can really add some character to a room. Get a few from topics that interest you. Design, sports, fashion, travel, etc. Stack a few on a side table or bar. Or, better yet, open one up to an interesting page and set it on your coffee table. It’ll add some cool dimension to the table and possibly be a conversation starter. I have an autographed copy of fashion icon, Carolina Herrera’s book. Anytime someone points it out, I get to tell the cool story behind the autograph. Two of my new favorite books are shown above. Interior Landmarks Treasures of New York has some stunning photography!

Something else that can easily transform a room… scent! Not just any scent, but a good, classic one. Get rid of any of the food smelling candles. Yes, that includes the frosted gingerbread man scented candle. Pick up a few candles with neutral scents like spruce, cedar wood, lavender or bourbon. Yup, I said bourbon! I have your attention now, don’t I?! Joya Studio (based in Brooklyn) partnered with Kings County Distillery on a bourbon scented candle and the result is warm and soothing.

Want to get a bit more DYI (but not really do it yourself) before your guests show up? Painting an accent wall is soon 2015. Change the mood of a room with Graham & Brown wallpaper. If you are into design then their website is for you! I spent over an hour on their site, Instagram and blog. A good wallpaper will truly revolutionize your room. And this isn’t your momma’s wallpaper! The eccentric and textured designs can take the place of art and really change the entire tone of a room. Ok, enough ranting! Go check out their site to see how much difference wallpaper can make.

Now for a few functional accessories that are easy to add to a room. If you don’t have a coast closet, then you need a coat rack. The ash and black coat rack from Misewell is clean and minimal. Don’t live in a cold weather city? It’ll still work well to hang hats, rain coats and umbrellas. Need a desk lamp for an entry table or, perhaps, an actual desk? Check out the options at Kaufmann Mercantile. The White Oak crane desk lamp (shown above) is one of my favorites. Surely you’ll be serving some holiday libations of the adult kind, right? Do you use coasters? You should. Better yet, your guests should. You never know if someones coffee or side table is an antique, real wood (which tends to absorb moisture) or faux would which tends to stain or warp if left wet. Let’s not risk it. Have a few coasters available for guests. The textured tile coasters from Areaware are perfect! Functional, yet easy on the eyes (and your furniture). Lastly, what is a party without good music? I am sure your Spotify list is the best in town. Who’s isn’t? Let us be the judge! The Shinola speaker set is the way to go if you entertain guests often. It’s sleek design speaks volumes. See what I did there? 🙂 FYI, the Runwell Turntable is sold separately. Everything else Shinola designs is gold so just trust me on this one.

1. The Monacelli Press coffee table books (price varies per book)   |   2. Joya Studio Kings County Distillery candle ($38)   |   3. Graham & Brown Navy and Gold Prism wallpaper ($100/roll)   |   4. Kaufmann Mercantile White Oak Crane Desk Lamp ($799.95)   |   5. Misewell Wave Coat Rack ($329)  |   6. Areaware Table Tiles ($35)   |   7. Shinola Bluetooth Bookshelves Speakers ($1,500.00)

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