2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Host

You are cordially invited to at least 5 holiday parties this season. Maybe more for you popular kids out there. So what are you going to bring the host/hostess to show your gratitude for the invitation? I was always taught to never show up empty handed. So I listen to my madre (Hi, Maria!) and always arrive to a party or function with a little token of my appreciation. Don’t know what to bring? Let me help you out! Two main factors that’ll help decide what type of item you can bring will be your host/hostess and the type of function. As an example, if it’s a full blown rave, you probably shouldn’t bring a potted plant. Or if your host is your best friend who is diabetic and on the Keto diet, you probably shouldn’t show up with a bundt cake. Get my drift? Keep the gifts appropriate and neutral.

A set of glasses for the bar area could always work. They don’t have to necessarily match the set they use for dinner so you can choose some cool ones like the Crudo Handblown Wine Glasses from Kaufmann Mercantile, shown above. Make sure there is at least 4 glasses in the set. Speaking of bar, why not help stock their bar. I mean, you are probably going to help deplete its supply, right? Scrappy’s Bitters are a nice addition to any bar. Make sure to pick up a variety of flavors to accommodate everyone’s palette. Dessert cocktails, anyone? A little Kerrygold Superior Irish Cream Liqueur in your coffee never hurt, right? If you really want to escalate the party, grab a bottle of Koskenkorva vodka, or like they say in Finland, viina. Koskenkorva is the most common clear spirit drink in Finland. You can find a few, simple +1 recipes online (vodka plus one additional ingredient). So let this Finnish vodka help you start the party! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

If you personally know the host/hostess, then the gift can be a bit more personal. Gifts don’t always need to be for the home (or bar). Get something that they can use themselves. The Body Shop has a an amazing shaving kit that includes shaving cream, razor relief cream and a shaving brush. My personal favorite, is the Commodity Best of Book set. Commodity is, hands down, one of my favorite aroma brands. Their candles are absolutely celestial. Okay, that is a bit dramatic, but they are pretty phenomenal. Their set includes a Eau de Parfum, a candle and body lotion.

If all else fails, show up with a bouquet of fresh flowers from our friends at Bouqs. You cannot go wrong with that! Well, unless someone is allergic to flowers, in which case, you are on your own!

1. Kaufmann Mercantile Crudo Handblown Wine Glasses (set of 4 – $109.95)   |   2. Scrappy’s Bitters ($20+)   |   3. Modern Gents Shaving Kit   |   4. Koskenkorva Finnish vodka ($24.99)   |   5. Kerrygold Superior Irish Cream Liqueur ($24.99)  |   6. Commodity Best of Book ($35)

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