J to the L-O, hello

I don’t partake in any the debauchery that Las Vegas has to offer. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, I don’t gamble and I don’t pay for sex. I mean, these are all of the things that we think of when someone says Vegas, right? But I do like to catch a good show while I am in town. So on a recent 36 hour trip to Sin City, I did just that. I was able to check out the Jennifer Lopez, All I Have, concert (for the second time) at the Zappos Theater before she ended her run in Vegas. A spectacular show, as expected! Not expected, was the lady three rows behind me that asked me to sit down during the show. Umm, ma’am. This isn’t church or Chili’s. No one is taking their seat. Kindly get out of yours and enjoy this concert as it is intended to be enjoyed.


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