11 Essentials For Your Next Cruise

So you’re planning your next cruise… or maybe you are like me and you are finally giving cruising a chance. Either way, the planning and packing process can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve got you covered! I just had my very first cruise experience and, if I am being honest, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I had my reservations about going on a cruise which I won’t go into in this post, but I really was pleasantly surprise with how much fun I had. What wasn’t fun was my sunburn and having 5,000 people touch the same door knob and elevator buttons. I digress… Let me just tell you the 11 essential items that you need when packing for a cruise.

11 Essentials For Your Next Cruise

  1. Chubbies 5.5″ Easy Shorts (They have an elastic waistband. Easy on. Easy off. Buffet-friendly. Enough said.)
  2. Fjallraven back pack because you’ll need something to hold all of your items during your shore excursions.
  3. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 50 so you don’t get your scalp, face and shoulders sunburned like me. Plus, it is a spray bottle so you don’t have to get your hands all greasy when applying sunscreen.
  4. Nubian Heritage Abyssinian Oil and Chia Seed Body Wash so you can easily cleanse and wash off any sand, dirt, sunscreen, tanning oil, salt water, etc. Your skin will appreciate a fresh start after every day at sea.
  5. Recipe for Men Raw Naturals Face Cream to help moisturize your face and neck after a day in the sun. It’ll also work wonders to help avoid peeling after a sunburn.
  6. Zinka Face Stick (You gotta protect your face to help prevent sun spots, wrinkles and a sunburn. Think of it as deodorant for your face. Apply multiple times a day, as needed)
  7. Veja low top sneakers (This one is less of a necessity and more of a “nice to have”. You’ll get tired of wearing water shoes and flip flops so it is good to have a crisp, white pair of casual sneakers. They’ll work great off and on the boat and can be dressed up or down.)
  8. Purell hand sanitizer (Ummm, did you read the first part of my post? What part of 5,000 people touching the same elevator buttons doesn’t want to make you dip your entire body into a pool of Purell?! Twice.)
  9. Native water shoes (The absolute best pair of water shoes! They stay on your feet, are comfortable to wear and dry quickly thanks to the little holes around the entire shoe. They are like Croc’s nicer looking, younger brother.)
  10. Shades Club sunglasses (because you’ll need a pair of sunglasses and you may as well wear a cool pair)
  11. BLDWN white tee (pack a few of these breathable, white tees. Great quality, great fit and they’ll dry fairly quickly. Plus, you can dress it down with your Chubbies short or dress it up with chinos and your white sneakers.)


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