I was only granted a few, short hours to enjoy this beautiful country. The interactions with the locals and experiencing the Dominican culture, although for a brief moment, was enough to make me want to come back. If you ever get a chance to check out Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, or any place in the country, I highly recommend it.

We hopped on a quick bus ride from the dock (this was one of the stops on a cruise) and got dropped off at Playa Sosua. We were escorted to a catamaran where we sailed along the coast for a few minutes before jumping in the clear blue waters for some snorkeling. I quickly was reminded that I am not as agile in open water as I once believed I was. After about an hour in the water, we sailed to our next location for another quick dip followed by a light lunch of hard boiled eggs, pasta salad, turkey sandwiches and cole slaw. Water and soda were provided. Don’t worry. So was the everlasting flow of Domincan rum. 🙂

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