We’ve all seen the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, right? I mean the original one. Not the really creepy one with Johnny Depp. Now imagine that movie come to life! Candytopia does just that! I was invited to check out this cool, candy-centric event. I usually don’t research events when I send in my RSVP because I truly want to be surprised and have an authentic reaction to whatever I am going to see or experience. I walked in through the gates of Candytopia and I was told to leave all of my adult problems behind. They said this is where I could just be a kid again. I asked how much room they had to spare because I had A LOT of adult problems! LOL! So I left my thoughts of student loan payments, office politics and overall adulting behind and stepped in through the Candytopia doors.

I was greeted by the sweet scent of sugar in a jungle-themed room full of candy. Each of the 14 curated and crafted rooms has a theme that brings a sugary fantasy to life. And in each room, you have mouthfuls of candy at your disposal to eat and taste at your leisure. From gummies to chocolate and even Pixy Stix (remember those?!). You get to stroll from room to room and envelope yourself in a candy wonderland within each of the four walls.

What is even cooler, is the interactive elements of each room. Characters made up of candy like the Mona Lisa art piece made of 6,200 jelly beans. The confetti room (I am still finding confetti in some of the most odd and awkward places) and… are you ready for this… the marshmallow pit!!! A pit with 300,000 marshmallows! What could go wrong, you ask?! Better yet, what could be lost at the bottom of this pit?!? I advise you to leave your keys, wallet, phone, etc. with a responsible adult as you cannonball into the pit! By the way, check out the guy reacting to my jump into the pit in the photo below. He was CLEARLY impressed with my skills! 🙂

All in all, I had an absolute blast re-living my childhood! So whether you have kids, young siblings or just a kid at heart, go check them out! The Dallas show just got extended through Labor Day, Monday, September 2! Visit for more details!

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