Johnny’s Chop Shop Barbers

As you roam down the streets of Brooklyn, you may stumble upon a fresh storefront with a sign reading, “Johnny’s Chop Shop Barbers.” Make sure you welcome thy neighbor. Johnny’s Chop Shop Barbers is based in the U.K. with locations inside TOPMAN stores in London. They recently landed a sweet, exclusive deal with Walmart (a nationwide deal, may I add) that lead them to open up their flagship U.S. store in Brooklyn (154 Grand St.).

Whenever I travel I like popping into cool, local barber shops to get a good barber fade (shout out to Detroit Barber Co. which I visited a few weeks ago). On my recent trip to NYC, I swung by Johnny’s Chop Shop Barbers and met up with Andrés who hooked me up with a clean fade and some much needed beard products. He was friendly, knew exactly what he was doing and lived a few blocks away which augmented the local, authentic Brooklyn vibe that I felt while sitting in the barber chair.

After my cut, Andrés introduced me to a few of their products which I didn’t even know I needed! I can grow a mean, thick beard if I wanted to. Sometimes even a thick stubble gets rough and starts to itch. I had never used any beard products which is insane now that I think about it. Their Beard Shampoo has been great to cleanse the follicles from that daily grime while the Beard Oil keeps the hair softer and the skin below the hair moisturized. These two extra steps added to my weekly routine have been well worth it! Trust me! (Side note: both of these products are only available online as of now)

Next time you are in Brooklyn, swing by and check them out. While you are there check out their full line of products that they carry in their shop. No where near Brooklyn with no plans to visit? Check out their assortment of hair and beard products, like their No. 1 Matte Hair Paste, Hell Gel or Johnny SHEEN Hair Pomade, all currently available at a Walmart near you.

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