Flight Essentials to Avoid the Lag

TOP ROW (left to right) 1. Bausch + Lomb Lumify Eye Drops to remove the red out of your eyes. It’ll at least help you appear to be less tired. I recommend using them right before you land.   |   2. Caldera + Lab The Good Face Serum to help completely hydrate your face during a flight. Put it on when you first take off so it has time to soak into your skin during the flight.   |   3. PlaneAire Travel Spray to spray down everything you touch (or everything other people touch). Arm rests, seat, tray table, seat belt, luggage handles, air vent, window blind and light knobs, etc.   |   4. Elyptol Hand Sanitizer to sanitize your hands after you’ve sanitized your life.   |   BOTTOM ROW (left to right) 5. Iluminage Eye Mask with Anti-Aging Copper Technology so you can actually get some rest on the plane without worrying about light creeping in.   |   6. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer to help moisturizer your skin once you land. Flying sucks the moisture out of you so wash your hands right before you land and moisturize your face, neck and hands.   |   7. Master & Dynamic MW50 On-Plus-Over Ear Wireless Headphones to block out crying babies, engines roaring and people, in general.   |   8. Sowden Bottle for HAY to stay hydrated! When you fly, you must stay HYDRATED!


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