Ora et Labora

Every once in a while, I come across a cool, underestimated brand that seems to be casually existing right before our very eyes. I can hardly remember when I first was introduced to Gisela, half of the powerhouse duo behind Ora el Labora. Gisela Borghi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in a small town in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. What a life?!? Since the initial moment that I walked into their Victory Park pop-up shop years ago, I was in love with their minimalistic aesthetic, their chunky statement rings and the variety of textiles that gave their clean, pleasantly stark walls some visual cushion. Their pop-up shops in Victory Park and Oak Cliff were stellar and their current space in the Modern Nomad in Denver is no different.

While we currently cannot explore their shops in person, we can, however, peruse their site for some much needed retail therapy. Some of my favorites on their site are their leather, box-shaped Ba Mochila. It is really cool (and really SOLD OUT). Sorry, guys! Their llama hair and Merino wool blankets are great for a living space and these Bomba Boots are so damn cool! They’re geared towards females or REALLY adventurous men so I shall continue to admire them from afar. I tend to gravitate towards their jewelry collection. I do not wear a lot of jewelry, but I can appreciate a nice accent piece once in a while. Their selection is spot on with bronze cuffs, pins, earrings and rings. The Fede Organica ring (top two photos) and the Smalto Sasso Argento ring (bottom photo) are both made of bronze (in Italy) and treated with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. Oh, we fancy now, huh?! My absolute favorite piece that I have from Ora el Labora is the cobalt blue Pope’s ring. I don’t have it handy for a quick photo, but check it out here!

By the way, rumor has it that they are soon launching their own house candle. I’ll pry them for more details and get back to y’all with the inside scoop!

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