With its buildings spanning three different block corners, the Thunderbird motel anchors its way onto the Marfa landscape. The midcentury designed property, re-envisioned by Lake/Flato ARCHITECTS, gives guests the vibe of staying at an old-school motel but with some much appreciated upgraded amenities.

The motel restaurant and event space sits on one corner, the hotel lobby and lounge and motel take up the other two corners. Upon entering the office-like lobby, you’ll be promptly checked-in and given a key to your room. Two keys actually. And I mean literal keys. The kind they can (and will) attach to a cool, metal, branded keychain. You walk across the street and enter a gravel courtyard, adorned with desert succulents and a Melrose Place-type pool. You’re welcome for the 90’s reference. The rooms are minimal. No art work, a well-made bed, a leather chair and a writing desk that doubled as snack stash. The night stands were minimal, as well, with additional surface room thanks to the hanging pendants.

The restroom was quite spacious with a vanity area, a tiled walk-in shower and the obvious sink and toilet. I will note that three things stuck out as being quite peculiar about the bathroom. First, the connecting door to the adjacent room was in the bathroom. Perhaps an odd placement for a door. Second, the bathroom had a swinging door, like in a restaurant kitchen. I never saw a way to lock it which is fine, but the fact that it was a swinging door was a bit odd. Lastly, the full length mirror they have in the bathroom (shown in the photo above) is facing the toilet. The mirror literally sits about 8 feet away, dead centered with the toilet. That is an angle where I am sure everyone looks bad!

All quirks aside, the room has a hospitable charm about it! The concrete floors keep the room cool (which is great because I am hot natured) and the neutral color palette is continuous of the desert tones right outside your window. Oh yeah, the rooms don’t have a tv. Hope you like your roommates!

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