Attention coffee lovers!


I recently partnered up with the team at Zulay Kitchen to try out a few of their kitchen products. They had my heart when they sent over two of their most popular items used to make coffee! As if they knew me! The Stainless Steel Manual Burr Adjustable Coffee Grinder and their MilkBoss Electric Milk Frother are officially staples in my kitchen! For my daily cup of Joe, I typically go to a coffee shop (you know, the one with the green straws) or I make my coffee at home with my Keurig. These two products from Zulay Kitchen have been game changers for my morning routine! I can know buy whole coffee beans (my preference is Veranda Blend Blonde Roast from Starbucks) and grind the beans at home. It is a quick and mess-free process. I use a reusable K-cup pod to filter my cup of coffee. I add my sugar, I add my frothed milk and VOILA! Check out the recipes below.

For both recipes you’ll need a coffee cup, a tablespoon, a small container (or additional coffee cup) to froth the milk, A Keurig or other coffee maker to brew your coffee and the Stainless Steel Manual Burr Adjustable Coffee Grinder and MilkBoss Electric Milk Frother from Zulay Kitchen. Let’s get started!

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