So Fresh and So Clean

Has anyone else become slightly more of a clean freak during the era of COVID? I consider myself a pretty clean individual, in general. However, now I catch myself, not only cleaning a lot more, but paying attention to what I am spraying on my household surfaces. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops, door knobs and light switches, I try to clean these areas daily. I wanted to find products with ingredients that are better for me and my family and also better for the Earth. Let me share with you my two current favorite products to use around the house to keep it as clean as possible and smelling great!


YVY is a Brazilian-born company founded in 2018 with a mission to better our current cleaning process. No more buying countless plastic bottles and harmful chemicals that we constantly spray throughout our homes. Their company principles are quite simple, yet empowering: Absolute Transparency, Quality Obsession and Ease and Simplicity. And easy and simple, it definitely is.

Here is how it works:

  1. You select the cleanser(s) that best fits your needs. They currently offer an All-purpose cleaner, a Bathroom cleaner and a Kitchen cleaner.
  2. You package arrives with your reuseable spray bottle and cleanser capsule(s). You can get refill capsules delivered to you as often as you need them.
  3. Fill your spray bottle with water, place the capsule inside and start cleaning!
  4. You can cancel or pause your cleanser subscription anytime.
  5. AND you can easily return empty capsules for reuse.

Still not convinced? Learn more on their site, While you are there, buy one of their Trial Kits and give them a try!

Queen of Eden

If you are into supporting cool, small businesses that are environmentally conscious, then you need to know about Queen of Eden. They are a Dallas-based brand that launched in 2020 offering a collection of non-toxic essentials for the home. Their hand-made solutions are crafted with non-toxic, organic and all natural ingredients. They believe in “practical sustainability”, meaning that small and steady changes made every day can have an incredible impact on sustainability efforts. We can all get behind that, right?

Their products come in a glass bottle (which you can easily reuse) with minimal packaging to help reduce their carbon footprint. By the way, their products smell amazing which always helps!

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