Can we talk about deodorant? We all need it. We all use it (or at least we should). But what makes one deodorant better than the other? I have definitely gone through my fair share of trial and error to finally know what I like in a deodorant, what my body reacts best to and what I definitely don’t want when it comes to deodorant ingredients. Your skin sensitivity, skin type and odor preference can play a large role when choosing your next deodorant. How much it costs and where to buy can also sway your choice. As a consumer, you definitely have options. Let me help you sift through those options, or at least the ones pictured above. I have tried ALL of these deodorants. No, really. I literally have. So allow me to share my thoughts on each.

Ursa Major Forest Fix Deodorant smells great. I love a good Sandalwood scent! It is on the higher end of the pricing scale when it comes to men’s deodorants, but worth it. It has a non-staining formula which is great for me since I wear a lot of black tee shirts. AND, $1 of each Forest Fix Deodorant purchased on the Ursa Major site will be donated to organizations that are working to keep our forests healthy, accessible, and protected. That is something we can all get behind.

Old Spice Timber with Sandalwood is your most accessible deodorant on the list. Old Spice is a world recognized brand and is sold in most, if not all, local pharmacies, large chain grocers, etc. Combine their low price point of $5.49 and the great sandalwood scent (my personal preference) and you have yourself a great option!

cleure Crysal Stone Deodorant is the most unique option on the list. Let me explain. This is a Crystal Stone Mineral deodorant that is hypoallergenic, aluminum-free, SLS-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. These are all good things. Using it is simple, but different. You wet the stone under running water and apply to your clean, just showered skin. Per their site, this deodorant provides long lasting protection for 24-hours and the single deodorant stick can last up to a year when used as directed. That obviously is the best bang for your buck! I will say that as a runner and someone who is constantly on the move, the protection wasn’t there for a full 24-hours (more like 8). However, I can appreciate avoiding any allergic reaction to potentially harmful ingredients in other deodorant brands. 

Duke Cannon Trench Warfare Antiperspirant and Deodorant smells great. Sandalwood, again. 🙂 I actually used their product a few times before writing this post and I like them. The activated charcoal helps bring out the toxins and deodorizes. I will say that something in this product caused a bit of a breakout in my underarm area so that was a bit of a “watch out” for me.

Grounds Keeper Bergamot and White Musk Antiperspirant is a nice option. Smells citrusy which I am into. It didn’t leave a residue which is nice. The price is great at only $5, however, I believe you have to order it as part of your Dollar Shave Club box. So if you don’t already subscribe to DSC, this may be a deterrent. If you currently subscribe to DSC, then get this product. I recommend it!

Grooming Lounge Greatest Pits Deodorant is great! First of all, it smells like Vicks. And I mean that in a good way! It is quite a nostalgic scent that reminds me of my childhood growing up in a Latino household. Any Latinos out there can probably relate. Lol. I love that this product doesn’t contain any aluminum or alcohol. And I appreciate that it contains eucalyptus oil which boasts anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The price point is a bit higher ($20), but they do have a Subscribe & Save option that allows you to save 10%. 

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