Before I dive into my mini rant about this product that I love, can we talk about the founder of Heathmade for a just a bit? His name is Heath Wilson and he is about 9 years old (maybe 10 by the time you are reading this). Yup, you read that correctly. A kid barely into junior high is changing the way men groom by providing us products that smell good, are alcohol free and made with natural ingredients. His entrepreneurial journey started around the age of four when he sold some hand crafted, alcohol free sanitizers at school. I’ll mention that product in a different post. Fast forward to know, the Heathmade website boasts an impressive assortment of hand sanitizers (his signature product), lotion bars, deodorants and lip balms. And why should he stop at simply producing great products? Wilson’s company also donates skincare products and makes financial contributions to organizations that are committed to helping homeless families rebuild their lives and schools with entrepreneurial programs.

This Heathmade Lotion Bar is everything that I didn’t know I needed. You rub it on the areas that are dry like elbows, forearms or perhaps your knees. The warmth of your skin activates the lotion bar and leaves just the right amount of lotion on your skin. Sort of like butter on a warm roll. Quite an odd analogy (sorry), but it sort of works the same way. Massage the lotion into the skin and voila! The lotion bar isn’t sticky or greasy and it comes in a tube for easy application. A whole lot more efficient and less messy then squirting a bunch of lotion on your hands to then rub it on another part of your body.

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