Best Sanitizers, hands down

I feel like a few months ago, we had a global shortage of hand sanitizers and now we have more options than ever. Don’t get me wrong, some places are still having a shortage, but the sanitizer brands that are available now has exponentially increased. They all vary in scent, in ingredients and in price, but their end goal is all the same; to kill as many viruses on your hands and surfaces as possible. If you are like me, you probably keep some sanitizer at home, some in your car, and some on your person. Let me help you sift through your options with these picks for the best sanitizers.

Kings County Distillery’s main business isn’t hand sanitizer, but this Brooklyn-based distillery stepped up to the plate during the worldwide shortage. Their sanitizer contains 80% alcohol antiseptic packing a powerful solution into a minimally packaged glass bottle.

Heathmade has an alcohol-free sanitizer with Lavender, Tea Tree and Sandalwood. It has a combination of soothing aloe vera gel, anti-inflammatory witch hazel, antimicrobial essential oils, and anti-oxidant rich vitamin E oil. By the way, the company was started by a, now, 10-year old so it’s a pretty cool business to support. (Read more about Heathmade here.)

PlaneAire is my travel go-to when I am on planes, trains and automobiles (and hotels). I used PlaneAire Travel Mist pre-pandemic and now I am using the new PlaneAire Hands sanitizer. It has 70% naturally derived Ethyl Alcohol, made with Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender, Oregano, Lemon and Thyme essential oils and aloe. The TSA-sized bottle is perfect for flights. Trust me when I say that I use it regularly when I fly!

The Ultra Defense Sani+Smart hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs using a plant-based alcohol. This product was completely sold out on their site, but it is available at other mass retailers like CVS, Kroger and Walmart. I have a bottle in my backpack and at my office.

If you like to keep sanitizer on your person, check out the Noshinku hand sanitizer. It is made with 70% Ethyl Alcohol distilled from organic sugarcane. The packaging is great with a thin profile, perfect for a front pant pocket or an inner coat pocket.

I always wanted a sanitizing kit that I could carry with me or keep in my car. But I wanted a cool looking one. I know, a complete first world problem. Enter, TOOBO. It is a premium disinfecting and protective kit that has black disposable masks, sanitizing gel, sanitizing hand/surface spray, finger coverings and alcohol wipes. All in an eco-friendly, matte black paper tube. Absolutely perfect to carry wherever I go.

5 thoughts on “Best Sanitizers, hands down

  1. Noshinku and PlaneAire are a must try! I love how small and compact the Noshinku spray is and hello PlaneAire probably smells like heaven and peace. My question is what are the brands used in TOOBO or is it all under the TOOBO name?

    1. The PlaneAir spray is great! For TOOBO, they private label the sanitizer from a local distillery in Houston. They produce it following all of the FDA guidelines.

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