7 must haves for the perfect bachelor(ETTE) pad

We have all spent WAY too much time in quarantine and have probably realized how inadequate a lot of our living spaces actually are. Now that the slightest bit of life normalcy is on the horizon, let me suggest a few (well, actually 7) must have items to turn your living space into a well designed pad. These suggestions are just in time for the plethora of human interaction and hosting that we are all about to experience.

In no particular order… here we go!

  • Textures – When designing your space, try to have at least 5 different tactile surfaces in the room. There is a time and place for an entire marble room, but this isn’t it. The fabric on a sofa, a leather accent chair, a marble coffee table, a metal end table and wooden furniture legs can be the perfect combination of textures to round out a room. Just don’t over do it with oversized, plush pillows and clunky wooden pieces. It’ll crowd a space more than it’ll help it.
  • Plants – I know most of us can probably kill a plant in two days flat (me included), but give them a good ole try. They bring literal life to any room and can elevate the freshness of the space. Whatever you do, avoid using fake plants. I get the reasoning behind that life choice (I really do), but… no. Real plants or no plants. Like, for real.
  • Scents – Find yourself a good, classic candle scent that you like and stick with it. If the scent has ever been a dessert at your local diner or a lotion scent once sold at Bath and Body Works (a shout out to Coconut Lime Verbena), keep it moving. Try candles with touches of Sandalwood, Citrus or Juniper.
  • Ambient lighting – Even if you don’t use it often, a floor lamp will give a room some height dimension and help frame the space. Switch out the regular bulb for a dimmable bulb and you’re set.
  • Accent color – Notice how the word “color” is singular? A good, single accent color goes a long way. The minimal, gray aesthetic isn’t for everyone (I get that), but neither is a space inspired by Lisa Frank (sorry for the 90’s reference). Try adding one solid accent color in the space while having other secondary colors take the back burner. The teal sofa used below gave the room a nice, rich blue hue without overwhelming the entire space.
  • Art – Get yourself some good art! I didn’t say a Picasso. Find some unique, indy art and invest in a few pieces. You’d be surprised at what you can find from local artist in your city. Space out the art throughout the space and make sure you don’t cover every wall in art. Give the art some breathing room.
  • Coffee table books – There is an ongoing debate on whether having a stack of coffee table books in your home is a pretentious move only done by people that try too hard or if it something that anyone can and should do. I vote for the latter. Coffee table books are meant to be displayed. We all get that, but it’s how they are displayed and the topics they reference that can change someone’s perception of you. Stick to subject matter that you genuinely are interested in and that you enjoy. Perhaps, a few books that pertain to your job (if you like your job) or places where you have traveled. Have each book tell a story. If you have to defend why each book is there, then you may want to rethink its placement. Stack a few on a dresser, coffee table (hence the name) or on the countertop. And if you are ever bored maybe you can actually crack one open and look inside.

Interior design by VERDE Interior Design Studio | Sofa and accent chair by Article | Art by Paseo Prints and New Visual Things | Coffee table books by Taschen and Rizzoli | Accessories by West Elm, World Market and Areaware | Rug by Poly & Bark | Modern watering can by LA CASA VEGA | Planters by Chica Verde and West Elm

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