Shout out to all of the amazing dad’s out there! You have the patience, the go get ’em attitude and the will to wake up early like I will never have. And for that I commend you! It is 2021! Although sometimes it feels like it is 2020 part 2. And dads deserve something cool! A shout out to the robes, tube socks and fuzzy house slippers that will stay on the rack this year. Let’s celebrate the dad’s in our lives with some of the best and coolest dad gifts around!

Caswell-Massey Heritage Cologne Discovery Set $60 | Magic Grooming Men’s Facial Exfoliating Scrub $7.99 | KC Cattle Co Wagyu Ribeye (16-23 oz) $49.99 | OWC USB-C Travel Dock E $64.99 | Anthony Bourdain World Travel Hard Cover Book $25.99 | Oars and Alps The Busy Dad Box $49 | SOLO New York Re-Utilize Backpack Briefcase $64.99 | Lawnbright Weed Wipeout $35 | All Saints Leather Skies $79 | Oral-B Clic Deluxe Starter Kit $24.99

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