Shrimp Gnocchi With Zindrew Chili Oil

I am attempting to up my cooking game and expand my palette. I can’t handle spicy foods. Like at all. Like Taco Bell Mild sauce is my limit. Judge accordingly. However, I do like a bit of zest or flavorful kick in my food. I was hesitant to try ZinDrew Chili Oil because I automatically assumed that it was spicy. I took one for the team and whipped up this sautéed shrimp and gnocchi dish with some of the ZinDrew Chili Oil O.G Batch to see how it would taste and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! The O.G. Batch is their less spicy chili oil so I opted to try that one first. Hey, I am taking baby steps! It was honestly such a savory dish with the crunch of the breaded shrimp and the softer texture of the gnocchi. It took about 35 minutes to make and fed me for days!

Prep your kitchen. Grab your apron. Follow the recipe y provecho!

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