Am I the only one that absolutely loves to be around a well-scented individual? Not the type that suffocates you as they walk by with an overpowering smell. I am referring to those that have a fragrant aura about them as they casually disperse notes of oud, sandalwood and citrus into the surrounding air. I have a few friends that come to mind that ALWAYS smell good and it is a divine feeling when they are around. My olfactory sense thanks you.

There are a few classic colognes that are my staples, YSL L’Homme comes to mind, but I like to experiment and test new fragrances here and there. Currently, I am using PLAY by Hawthorne with notes of Seville orange, agarwood, and Egyptian geranium and Leather Skies by All Saints (available at Nordstrom) with notes of olibanum, leather and black sandalwood. Before I fully commit to any fragrance, I first test it by spraying my wrists and letting the fragrance settle on my skin without rubbing my wrists together. That causes friction and your skin’s temperature to rise which can change the way the fragrance truly smells. I wait a few minutes to live with the fragrance which allows me to process the different notes and see whether this fragrance blends well with my body’s pH balance. We all know of at least one cologne that smells awful on you, but amazing on your friend (or vice versa). Chanel No. 5, I am referring to you! That is your body’s pH balance at work. If my wrists still feel good 15 minutes later, the fragrance is a keeper! Try not to smell a wet (or freshly sprayed) cologne. The scent will be too strong and will likely change once it dries on your skin so be sure to spray your wrists and give the fragrance some time to breathe.

And for these few weekend trips that I am taking here and there, I am using Heritage Newport by Caswell-Massey. It has mandarin, lavender, geranium, balsam and cedar. The perfect size to throw into my travel Dopp kit.

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