Make Mine a Double

My partner and I finally moved into our new place a few months ago and it is just now starting to feel like home. You know how it is. The first few weeks are mayhem with your floors and hallways being filled with boxes. You then start to feel a bit situated, but the place still doesn’t have much personality. Finally you begin to add art to the walls, decor items to the shelves and those personal touches that make the apartment start feeling like a home. That is the phase we are entering. Room by room, our place is starting to feel homey and intimate. We are making sure that our place is functional while still portraying a cool sense of design and charisma.

The first area that I had to arrange was our beverage station. It is half coffee bar and half liquor bar. Full disclosure, I am fully invested in the former. I drink coffee every morning (sometimes twice a day) and I wanted a place that could meet all of my caffeine needs. The Breville ® Barista Express ® Espresso Machine on the left is my go to on most mornings. I usually opt for an iced vanilla latte, but may change it up to a hot latte once winter rolls around. The machine comes with a milk frother and hot water dispenser that is perfect for making hot tea. As a back up, I have my Zulay Kitchen milk frother that can effortlessly foam up a cup de lait in no time.

In case coffee isn’t your thing, we can prepare you an adult libation of your choice. And by “we”, I mean “him” because I suck at making drinks. The liquor bar currently features a bottle of Bellion vodka among other liquor options that offer themselves to be used during any of our non-existent game nights. I promise that we will have friends over once the place is fully designed and ready for guests. Until then, I will be perfecting some cocktail recipes, waiting for the next opportunity to host.

Tying both bars together is a small vignette of some of my favorite decor items that I have collected throughout the years. A framed art piece that I purchased in Quebec City, Canada sits along the backsplash. A Les Deux candle No. 1 and rock and metal sculpture sit in front of it next to the book, Where Chef’s Eat, that I received as an apology gift from a hotel when I was accused of committing a crime at their property. It is a long story which I will one day tell. To cap it all off, I placed a cute, black llama figurine from Chicas Verde. This store, located in the historic Monte Vista neighborhood, is full of vintage, one of a kind pieces that are perfect to add a bit of character to any space. If you are ever in the San Antonio area, you definitely have to swing by and check them out. Tell them Luis sent you!

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