A Modern Take

The Modern – Fort Worth, Rorschach (Endless Column 1) by Cornelia Parker

If you ever find yourself in Forth Worth, Texas, you can not leave the city limits without making a stop at The Modern. One of my favorite museums in Texas boasts world class modern sculptures, prints and digital art that line the concrete walls of this ultra-modern building. As you approach the entrance, you are greeted by Richard Serra’s Vortex standing 67′ 10″ tall, to be exact, and made of Cor-ten steel. Once you step into the museums lobby, you get to freely roam and navigate the muted hallways and explore the museum’s collections and special exhibits. Some of my favorite pieces are staples at the museum like Ladder for Booker T. Washington by Martin Puryear and Rorschach (Endless Column 1) by Cornelia Parker (shown above).

The Modern – Fort Worth, In The Blue by Jenny Holzer

If digital art is more your vibe, The Modern has you covered. Between video exhibits, light installations and digital pieces like the Jenny Holzer piece show above, The Modern showcases art from all mediums to help satisfy your visual palette. Speaking of light installations, a Dan Flavin piece, untitled (for you Leo, in long respect and affection) 4, sits atop a long, narrow staircase overseeing the museum’s water feature. I was fortunate enough to see more of his vibrant artwork at The Chinati Foundation installation in Marfa, Texas. More on the Marfa art here.

The Modern – Fort Worth, Clean Slate by KAWS

Make sure you peek around every corner of this geometric space. I couldn’t tell you how to get there because I stumbled upon it accidentally myself, but in an exterior space nestled away stands a 20′ KAWS sculpture. There are hardly people around this area so it makes for a good place for photo ops. Kudos to you if you can catch a photo of it on a perfectly clear day.

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