Am I the only one who can’t grow a beard for more than 9 days before it starts itching? In case you are one of the many who made it to the end of No Shave November (unlike me), we’ve got a litany of products that you will need to conquer the next step. Whether you are shaving it all off, trimming it or continuing to grow it out, these are our top picks for you to use in honor of another successful No Shave November.


  • The Phillips Norelco OneBlade is a new trimmer that can shave, create lines and edges, and you guessed it, trim. It can do it all with a single blade.
  • After you trim your beard or mustache, smooth out the skin with a bit of Bad Ace Aqua Shave Balm. A unique blend of hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic ingredients help to soothe the skin.


  • Let’s start with moisturizing your skin and hair with the Oars + Alps Soothing Shaving Cream. The Aloe ingredient helps to hydrate and soften the hair. The Coconut and Olive Oils that make up the formula help reduce friction during your shave. Less friction, less nicks and cuts. A win /win in my book.
  • If you are looking to exfoliate your scruff before a shave, Dollar Shave Club’s Prep Scrub is for you. Exfoliate your skin to help clear it of debris and grime and get yourself that close shave you have been waiting for since November 1.


  • If you committed to the beard and stache and are keeping either or both, I recommend you moisturize the hair to help maintain a soft look and feel. The Every Man Jack Beard Oil conditions and softens with scents of Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Vanilla.
  • If a full beard is more your look, the Billy Jealousy Beard Balm contains natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut and castor seed oils, that will condition the gnarliest of beards.
  • You have trimmed it with barber scissors, moisturized it on the daily, and now it is time to wash it. Use the Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash in the shower or before / after, if that works better for you. The coconut oil will hydrate your dry skin and detangle the hair while the Bilberry fruit cleanses the beard. Rinse and repeat on the daily.

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